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  • 320 Main Street

    Better ingredients make better food.
  • A wide range of quality food products for the C-store industry.

  • New Product Innovations!

    Developing products you want to eat.

Whats New


In our food lab we create new and tasty foods for the convenience store industry, years of testing and focus groups help us to create products that will always sell.



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We are always looking to partner with new distributors to expand our offering. If you would like our products delivered to you, there are several ways to approach it. If you use one of our current distributors their information is provided below. If you do not use one of our current distributors, you can reach out to your distributor and have them contact us or reach out to us directly and we can work together with your distributor.

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320 Main Street In Action!

320 Main Street is a versatile food program that has the quality and taste for which you have been searching. This program offers a high margin, minimal labor, and an excellent variety of foods. Fast Food Systems, the developer of the 320 Main Street product line, is dedicated to developing food products for convenience stores under the 320 Main Street brand. These quality food items can be purchased through your distributor for your tailored program. If you’re looking for a food concept that’s easy to manage, we have it. It’s just a phone call away!

Erasing the stigma of Gas Station food
one bite at a time.

We are the top tier food provider for the convenience store industry.


Steve Schrader, Schrader Oil Co.

schraderlogoFast food is a rapidly growing category in the convenience store industry. For years, our company only offered the same generic, plain food similar to most of the industry. We needed more variety and more flavorful options. We also wanted a hot grab and go product. Our customers don't want to take a product to the microwave in the store and wait for it to be hot.


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320 Food Systems
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