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Our measure of success is customer satisfaction. We treat our customers’ bottom line as if it were our own. We emphasize the importance of measuring Return on Inventory Investment to maximize company and customer profitability. We strive to consistently enhance and upgrade our services. Our experienced sales representatives work closely with customers to determine specific needs and goals. That is why our customers are so successful...and so satisfied.

Gem State Distributors offers the most profitable product lines in the industry. They include nationally known items in a variety of categories, as well as important regional brands – all with a proven record of performance.

You’ll find Gem State’s approach to business very profitable; and with our strong financial resources you’re assured of having product when you need it. Our customers can bank on that.

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Pocatello, ID 83206
Phone:  208-237-5151



Steve Schrader, Schrader Oil Co.

schraderlogoFast food is a rapidly growing category in the convenience store industry. For years, our company only offered the same generic, plain food similar to most of the industry. We needed more variety and more flavorful options. We also wanted a hot grab and go product. Our customers don't want to take a product to the microwave in the store and wait for it to be hot.


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