Spring Forward

Written By: Progressive Grocer Magazine

The new year has brought good news galore about America's growing appetite for fresh produce.

Now, with spring around the corner, grocers from coast to coast are preparing to deliver the season's bounty with better-than-ever merchandising, in-store education and social media outreach.

"Fresh and seasonal is here to stay," say market researchers at The Hartman Group, whose newly released Ideas in Food 2013 offers a cultural take on what we'll be eating this year. While we'll always be a nation of meat eaters, assures the Bellevue, Wash.-based company, consumers are "letting plant-based products take center stage" on their plates.

Produce has not only begun to play a more significant role at mealtime, it's also fueling the nation's insatiable snack habit. The NPD Group's recent Snacking in America report finds that fresh fruit is more than just the top snack food consumed in America, it's also one of the fastest-growing, outpacing both chocolate and potato chips as the most popular snack.

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Steve Schrader, Schrader Oil Co.

schraderlogoFast food is a rapidly growing category in the convenience store industry. For years, our company only offered the same generic, plain food similar to most of the industry. We needed more variety and more flavorful options. We also wanted a hot grab and go product. Our customers don't want to take a product to the microwave in the store and wait for it to be hot.


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